Riviera celebrated its 10th anniversary last year. Over these years, it expanded from 10 to 50 and then to 150 ha.

This year, Riviera joined forces with Fedoriv Agency to come up with a new vision and set the direction for company development over the next decade.



Research, research, research. All kinds of research. From questionnaires and quantitative research to qualitative interviews with the current and potential residents of the community. We held office and on-site strategy sessions. We even tried involving a physiognomist—a specialist in assessing a person's character or personality by the appearance of their face—to evaluate the busiest residents of Riviera, who we couldn't interview.


Research and study of trends brought us to a simple but powerful conclusion. Rich people have changed and keep shifting toward simplifying their lives. Success is no longer defined by having a house, a yacht, or a watch. It is experiences, travelling somewhere new, sunsets on the ocean shore watched, and excellent wines tasted that matter. Minimalism has defeated smugness. Openness has defeated living behind the fence.

From now on, Riviera will deal not in land lots. It will build a unique ecosystem for people masterfully balancing on the edge of business and hedonism.


In the eyes of young and rich, the house stopped being a castle and a place where they settle down

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But what did we end up changing about the brand?


Well, we found its main competition.

We compete not with nearby gated communities. It is Kyiv that we compete with. A metropolitan city full of hectic life, big money, power, and entertainment.

Riviera is an antithesis to Kyiv. It's a calm and quiet location on the Dnieper River bank where you can recharge. A place like this should not be too close to the city. And Riviera is an ideal fit if you go by this. The community is situated in a pine forest on the Kyiv Cistern shore and near the Dnieper bypass, and it is as close as 30 km from Khreshchatyk.


Spending a weekend in the city is like spending a night in the office




Turning neighbourhood into community

Riviera was conceived as a VIP gated community of 20—40 houses. And now it has expanded to 150 ha and keeps growing. This is where community comes into play. To avoid misunderstanding and conflicts among the residents, we decided to draw up a Constitution for Riviera and declare 5 key values by which the community would abide. These are the values that current community residents, as well as future real estate buyers, share.

Riviera Plaza will become the community's central hub. It is here that a healthy food restaurant, a spa zone, a business centre, and a clubhouse will be located.

  • Nature
  • Neighbourliness
  • Super-childhood
  • Hedonism
  • Quietude


Speeding up evolution

Originally, Riviera Villas was going to be a small area with classic architecture and a house price tag starting at $1 million. But the world has changed. There appeared a new generation of young entrepreneurs, who are tired of the city’s hustle and bustle and want to live a fenceless life in harmony with the environment.

That is why Riviera Villas became part of a bigger project, Riviera Village. First of all, we updated the master plan of the town together with the Austrian architect Gernot Laicher and combined the areas on the two banks into one territory.


Changes in visual style

Our re-design process began with a new logo. Arranged in two lines, the Riviera Village lettering represents the two river banks, on which the gated community is situated. First of all, Riviera is a place for outdoor recreation, therefore, we went with a natural palette: sky blue as well as wood and foliage colours. For the style to look simple and reflect the scale of Riviera, we decided to go easy on the details and leave more space between the elements. But a picture is worth a thousand words. So feast your eyes.

Sooner or later, Riviera would have turned into a town, we have just sped the process up. We have created the place where everyone could find a house of their dreams, be it a minimalistic smart bungalow or a classy family residence. With Riviera Village, everyone can buy or build the house they have been dreaming of.


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  • club
  • Kids
  • Service
  • Concierge

Making it simple

We broke down the village's all services into understandable packages. Riviera Kids—children's' education and activities Riviera Sport—everything from yoga to yachting Riviera Club—family leisure club for community residents and guests Also, there are quality-of-life services Riviera Service and Concierge.

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Over the first half of 2020, Riviera hit its annual real estate sales target.
Inbound leads increased
Cost per lead decreased
Decision lead time decreased


brand leader — Tamriko Keburia
project managers — Kateryna Soboleva, Alina Melnychenko
art directors — Tanya Shevereva, Kostya Sen
copywriters — Yuriy Shmyg, Jenya Malyukevych
strategists — Denys Cherniavskyi, Valeria Tymotievych
digital strategist — Yulia Koliada
chief designer — Vitalik Parfilev
designers — Mariia Dmytrova, Tanya Avramenko, Igor Babariko
motion designer — Yuriy Khomovskyi

Riviera Village

Volodymyr Lymakov — managing partner, co-founder
Alyona Romanova — CEO
Anna Lytvyna & Eugenia Pushkaruk — marketing team